Welcoming Pupils & Teachers

Last week marked the start of a new term in the Ugandan School calendar, and so it meant that our pupils and teachers of Legacy Nursery and Primary School returned to the school for another 3 months of activity. On the first sunday of the term; October 2, 2016 the senior pastor of DWM – Legacy Branch, Pr. Dickson Odyek and his team organised a welcome service in the afternoon to not only welcome the teachers and pupils but also dedicate the new term to the Lord.

It was a colorful ceremony with LOUD! praises and worship to Jehovah, and even more appealing was the fact that all this was led by the Children of Legacy Nursery and Primary School, who boldly sang and worshiped the LORD their God. There also was a tea party with some of the greatest ‘chapatties’, courtesy of Mr. Enyang Morris, a member of DWM – Legacy Branch.